Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I've been thinking about a recent post in K's blog .
The post was an inane article about aprons and K's response to said article. Then I thought about Miss Maggie's Apron Evangism. So I got to thinking...why do I wear an apron? What is it about a simple piece of cloth that I enjoy wearing? The answer is simple: it defines a small part of who I am. Who am I? I'm first and foremost a woman; a woman who knows exactly what she wants and gets it. I am a wife, a mother, a homemaker, a cook, a doctor, a manager, an artist, a photographer, the list goes on. Fine, you say, so what does that have to do with an apron? Well, I'll tell you. Putting on that apron makes me feel strong and capable. I have a purpose. Without an apron on it's so easy to just sit; wearing an apron makes me accountable. I fly through housework in my apron. I am Wonder Woman in an apron. Sure I can clean and cook in just my clothes, but it's more fun to be a superhero!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Well! I was all set to update yesterday and got sidetracked! So here I am today. Woke up to a light dusting of snow. I'm wondering if we might get some more. We haven't had a "big" snow yet this year; in fact, it's been several years since we had some "severe" snow. We really are due for something big.

Mom had surgery this past week, a reversal colostomy. She's doing well. Still in the hospital though. Her Dr. says she will be released Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday!

Yesterday we played bells (Canon in D). After the whole family plus the ILs went to the VLM to see Crunch, a 150 year old, 165 pound turtle and Crumb, the baby. They had all kinds of reptiles on display including a huge yellow and white boa constrictor and a gilla monster. It was a lot of fun and really cool!

Not much else went on. Pretty boring here!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sunday again and I'm still updating! Must be some kind of record for me! lol! The Winter Olympics started Friday so we've been enjoying that. My poor little man was sick this week too, but he got over it quickly! What else happened this week? Well-

I'm struggling to be more thrifty and frugal. Monday I cut some chicken breast off the bone to cook for dinner and decided I would take the meaty bones and boil them with some carrots and spices and make chicken stock. All well and good except I forgot all about it until the next morning when I saw it still sitting on the stove! I'm learning though!

Henry has discovered baby food so I spent some time this week making my own. I did this for Amelia too and we had a wonderful transition to "table food" with her. I wish I had done it for my other two. It's certainly not hard! I have some sweet potatoes to make up today too.

I found a beautiful picture I forgot I had of the Twin Towers. Several years ago my mother and I took a trip to New York and I took it while we were there. I'm going to enlarge it and have it framed.

I'm starting to plan my container garden for this year. I need to go back to the library and check out the book "Container Gardening for Dummies". I may try my hand at potatoes this year! We certainly go through them.

Not much else going on. See you next week!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Superbowl Sunday

Another week has flown by and here I am! So far, so good. Let's see...this week:

Wednesday was my In-Law's 35 wedding anniversary. It was also my little man's 4th birthday! We all went to Red Robin to celebrate and had a great time!

Friday was JoAnn's 50th birthday. Her daughters threw an "Over the Hill" party. Since we play bunco together I got her some large foam dice and a bag that says "JoAnn's Bunco Dice"! They were a hit!

Sunday we had little man's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Four of his friends from school (Jackson, Philip, Nathan, and Gabe) were there to help celebrate and a good time was had by all!

After the party we went to MIL's house to watch the Superbowl and lend our support to the Steelers! MIL is from PA so it's Steelers and Penguins all the way! Luckily the Steelers did win 21-10.

Baby boy got two teeth! I'm very surprised as the other three got theirs so late. It doesn't hurt to nurse though, so I'm continuing to do so though he is starting to eat more food. Speaking of which, I really need to make up some cubes soon!

That's it from me this week. I'm off to bed!