Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

Yesterday was a pretty crummy day weather wise. Our usual plan is to bar b que at a park while the kids play on the playground. However, grey skies, wind, and misty rain foiled our plans this year. Instead, we met at my parents house. Of course, an hour after we got there and started eating, the sun came out. A nice time was had by all and the gifts were appreciated. Here's what the moms got:

My mom got the Elvis bag and my MIL got the denim bag. The denim one was made from that jumper I thrifted a few days ago. Pretty cool, eh? Mom got chocolate cookies with hers and MIL got oatmeal scotchies.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

ATC Swap Fun!

Amy doesn't think I read her blog, but I do! Now I am impatient for my ATC to get here. In fact, I know exactly where I am putting it. I really don't think she reads my blog though. So, without further ado, here is the ATC I made for her.
I apologize for the poor picture. There was a terrible glare. It's almost the size of a "standard" ATC. I think it ended up being 3.5x2.5. Amy mentioned to me that it would be going in her craft room and that anything "girly" was good (she lives in a houseful of guys!) She also mentioned that she liked the colors of pink and chocolate brown. So here we go. I used a picture frame and took out the glass. Glued down some chocolate brown scrapbook paper to the back and the small piece of pink to that. I found little round wooden "buttons" that I painted cream and then glued into bottle caps. On those I put pink stickers to spell out Amy. I glittered those, although it's hard to tell in the picture. Below her name is a crown (to let her know she's queen!) that I also glittered. And that little thing on her name is fairy princess. There's some glitter on her as well. I finished the whole thing off with some pink ribbon threaded through the holes on the sides of the frame. Ready to hang!

A-muse-ing Quiz

I found this quiz through Darla's blog. Apparantly my muse is

gURL.comI took the "The Nine Muses" quiz on
My muse is...

Polyhymnia is the patron goddess of sacred poetry. Her name means "She of Many Hymns" and is often depicted with a pensive look upon her face. Polyhymnia is said to bring immortal distinction to writers. Read more...

Who is your muse?

Which is odd since I didn't answer any questions with a spiritual answer. Hmmm....

Friday, May 11, 2007

Thrifted Finds

I know Mary Ann is ready for Mother's Day but who else is? Not me! I didn't figure out what I was making until yesterday! lol! It doesn't help that my mother's birthday is on the 18th. I decided to finish what I was making for her birthday for Mother's Day (a tote made out of Elvis fabric). Now to figure out her birthday gift! Ugh! So anyway, once I had her decided I, of course, needed to come up with something for my MIL. I wanted to make a tote for her too, but couldn't figure out what to use. The budget is tight and I really don't have a fabric stash. What I do have isn't really "her" either. What to do? Finally I had the bright idea to use denim! Brilliant! Where was I going to get denim fabric? Enter the good old thrift store! It's not my favorite one to shop at, but it's the closest. Got a denim jumper that I can get the required yardage from and I have some daisy fabric to line it with. Also found: a great strawberry print skirt (not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. I bought it for the fabric and the fact that it was $1!) and stacking bunny boxes. Thinking I will keep one for my Spring decor and refurbish the other ones (perhaps?)

On another note, I really enjoyed making my ATC for Amy. I'm thinking of creating more. In fact, over at Craftster, there is a list of 100 ideas. Haven't checked it yet for this brilliant idea I had...fairy tales! Yes, I think I'm going to make some ATC's based on fairy tales. Just have to figure out which ones and how I'm going to do it!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I finished my ATC!!! I will post a picture once I have sent it off to Amy, which won't be until Friday. So you'll just have to wait! It got good reviews over at Craftster (no peeking Amy!) where I've been spending oddles of time lately. Who knew there was so much crafty goodness?

Monday, May 07, 2007

Needful Things

I almost forgot! I was tagged by the marvelous Mary Ann to do this. You go to google, put in "(your name) needs" and post what you come up with. Since my first name is widely popular (I've seen seveal on blogs already!), I decided to just go with the simple "mom". And here's what I got:

Mom Needs A Break!
Response:No truer words have been spoken!

Mom Needs an A.
Response:Hmmm...I probably do deserve one!

Mom Needs A Perm.
Response:Oh, I don't think so. Curls aren't a good look for me. Wouldn't mind a manicure though!

Mom Needs Help.

Mom Needs a Haircut.
Response:Why yes, yes I do!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

I set up a new blog. It's for the recipes I've been collecting. Check it out!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Decisions, decisions!

I'm participating in an ATC swap hosted by the talented Miss Vallen.
For a very long time I saw the term ATC flying around blogland and had no idea what it meant. For those of you who don't know, it stands for Artist Trading Cards. Fun little pieces of artwork. So anyway, I've never made one but when Miss Vallen decided to host a swap I just had to join in. Especially after I saw the cute little ATC she sent me. My partner is Amy. I was stumped for ideas at first, but now I've got so many flying around I have no idea what to do! Well, whatever I come up with, I sure hope she likes it!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Long Time Coming

So, first of all, most of the month of April was pretty rotten. It started with Mr. P and Miss A getting ear infections. Then, Miss R and I got strep. Then DH got food poisoning (not from me!) Then we had a good friend visit from England for a few days and another friend came home from Iraq (civilian) for a visit. Spent some time trying to get the house back in order from that and DH and I got a cold. Then to top everything off my dad had a heart attack. He's doing well (thankfully!), but it was still a tough thing to go through. Now on to better things!

The Pink and Green Swap!
This is what I got from my swap partener, Dolores. A whole plethra of goodies! Stickers, soap, seeds, sponges (Miss R took the pink one and made an elephant out of it!), post-its, post cards, tissue paper, pez, plant holder, hot pad, raffia, ink pads, note cards, vintage grapes.

In case you've forgotten, the premis was to send things that spell SPRING in the colors of pink and green.

This is what I sent to her. A saucer for trinkets, scrapbook paper, a polka dot bag (I made that), ribbon, ice cream bowls, note cards, glass cutting board (can you believe how perfect that is? Not only is it pink and green and fulfill the letter G nicely, I thrifted that baby for 1.95!!!)

I'm looking forward to the next swap. Nothing has been spilled yet, but I have a feeling about what the colors will be. At least I'm hoping as I've already started buying! lol!

Last, but not least, here are some items I thrifted when I got the cutting board.
A polka dot skort (isn't it cute?) with great shoes to match, some books, a sorting toy for Mr H, and some Stampin' Up stamps!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Lots to report

Lots to report but no time right now! Will update soon, I promise!