Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday again! A pretty uneventful week here. Have decided to finally do something about this extra weight I'm carrying around.

DH has consented to running a game here at the house. It's going to be Pendragon. I'm excited! Been awhile since I've been able to play in a game!

I've been doing pretty well with keeping up with the downstairs of the house. I have three areas that need picking up and it will be pretty clean! Okay, four. Five if you count DH's mess. Those areas are: The cabinet under the sink in the bathroom, underneath the sofa and two chairs, the table (working on clearing that off today), and the shelf on my desk. I've got to do some catching up on laundry. It's hard to work upstairs sometimes! Here's my schedule:

Monday-HBH (if you're a Flybaby, you know what that means. If you're not, go here!) Mine consists of dusting (Rhonda does low places), wiping down glass surfaces (Padraic does), and making sure table is clear. I also have a focus area that I do each week. These are: cleaning under the sofa/chairs, vacumming the funiture, cleaning under the sofa/chair cushions, sweeping the ceiling.

Tuesday-Bathrooms. Pretty self explanatory, I think. Focus areas here are: oiling the bathtub, cleaning under the upstairs sink, cleaning under the downstairs sink, changing the decor downstairs (it's seasonal). I also wash towels on this day.

Wednesday-The Kitchen! I do my most work in here. Clean the microwave, wipe down dishwasher, stove, and refridgerator. Get rid of old food. Wipe down can opener. Clear counters and wipe down. Wipe down cabinets. Clean crumb trap on toaster and wipe down. Wipe down light switches. Wipe down windowsills. Sweep and mop. Focus areas here are: cleaning out fridge (including freezer), cleaning oven, scrubbing floor, cleaning out cabinets.

Thursday-My free day. I usually spend it at my MIL's house.

Friday-Kid's room/Our room. Change the sheets, dust, make sure dressers and trunk are clear. Wipe down washer and dryer. Vacuum. Focus areas here are: Pantry, closets, under the beds, dresser drawers.

Saturday-Deck. Wipe down table. Wipe down sand and water table. Make sure grill is in order. Sweep deck. No focus areas here.

Sunday-Ah, rest! lol!

Well, that's my cleaning schedule in a nutshell. I'm sure I've forgotten things, but you get the idea. Until next week!


Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ugh! It's Sunday already. Spring Break just flew by! I've been very hard at work trying to get the house in order plus do a few personal things. Everything is coming along nicely though I'd hoped to be done with the house by today. Still have a bit to do on it. Maybe by next Sunday everything will be ship shape! I have my To-do list all ready :)

My bargain find of the week: while shopping at my local grocery store for some items I forgot during my past two trips at a different store (yes, two!), I found a box of 18 count Christmas cards marked down to 0.87 cents! Now I have all Summer to get them signed and addressed-no excuses this year! lol!

Pad has a birthday party to go to today. As I mentioned, I'd like to do some work on the house. The front yard needs work. I have meat from Costco to repackage. Oh, and the conclusion of The Next Food Network Star to watch! Have a great day!

Saturday, April 15, 2006


My Mom is a big Elvis fan, so when I found this fabric at a discount store, I had to get it. It took awhile for me to figure out what I was going to make with it though. I originally decided to make a tote bag, apron, and oven mitt. Then one day it dawned on me--pajama bottom pants! What a perfect option! So it will be a tote bag and pagjama bottom pants! The tote bag is being made with the fabric on the bottom and the pants with the fabric on top. I'll post a picture of the finished items.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Sorry for no update during the week.

What movie soundtracks do you own?

Hmmm...a few. Flash Gordon, Chicago, Grease, The Wizard of Oz, Guys and Dolls. I think a few more but these are the ones I can remember off the top of my head.

How much cash do you usually carry with you? Usually none. In the rare case I have cash on me, it's usually no more than $20.

Are you more comfortable around men or women? Why? A lot depends on the situation and the capacity in which I know the people in question.

Main Course
What is the most mischievous thing you remember doing as a child? I don't remember being mischievous as a child. About the only thing I can remember doing was getting mad at my Grandmother and climbling the tree in our front yard so she would think I ran away and feel bad.

Who is the funniest member of your family?

That's tough. My husband can be quite amusing. Then again, when the older two start playing they can be pretty darn funny. Of course the cats never cease to bring a laugh with some of their antics.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday Supper?

Well it's that time again! I was really hoping to post this Friday but time just got away from me. So, instead of a Friday Feast we are having a Sunday Supper! lol! I'll most likely post my Friday peek tomorrow.

Feast Eighty-Seven
Name 3 things that you think are strange.

Me, how good carrots and peanut butter taste together, unexplainable stories.

What was the last ceremony you attended?

A friend's wedding in September. Oops, that's not right. There was a Baptism at Church in January.

What is one lesson you have learned in the past year?

To manage money better

Main Course
Tell us about one of your childhood memories.

For as long as I can remember up until I was in high school, Saturdays were the best day of the week. My dad and I would get up and watch cartoons. He would make me the best buttered toast for breakfast! Sometimes he'd go to the 7-11 and get me some donut gems or a Hostess lemon pie. Always with a coke or an orange crush. We would watch Rocky and Bullwinkle, Speedy and the Chopper Bunch, Scooby Doo, and of course, Bugs Bunny!

If you could extend any of the four seasons to be twice as long as normal, which season would you want to lengthen?

Spring! Because it would extend through the summer and melt into my other favorite season, Autumn!